Entertainment in Firozabad

Art Mode of Entertainment in FirozabadFirozabad has great historical importance. Once, the city used to be an important centre of culture for Mughal Dynasty. The lifestyle of this city used to be vibrant and quite fast. The royals were also fond of art, theatres, music, dramas, etc. This tradition is still there in the culture of Firozabad. The people here are mostly fun-loving and lover of art and music. People of Firozabad have wide ranges of options in terms of nightlife and entertainment.

Nightlife in Firozabad

Traditionally the place is rich with classical art and culture but as the gone passed the taste and the preferences have also changed of the people. Now, in Firozabad the trend of nightlife is very famous. Today, Firozabad also has numerous pubs, night clubs, discotheques, lounges, bars and restaurants. As the whole world is getting wrapped into the wrapper of modernization and commercialization, Firozabad is also not an exception to it. Though the city cannot be considered to possess one of the fastest lifestyles in the country but still with the growing night club culture.

Modes of Entertainment in Firozabad

People in Firozabad have endless ways of getting themselves amused. The modes of entertainment in Firozabad include, going to the theatres or movie halls, amusement parks, visiting shopping malls, art galleries etc. Some of them will be discussed in the following section:

Amusement Park and Water Parks

People in Firozabad now have the option of visiting water parks during the summer days along with their family members. There are some amusement parks where people can visit to experience the joy of certain exciting rides. Children especially enjoy here the most.

Art Galleries

Art Galleries in Firozabad deserve special mention, because this bears the traits of their likings and expertise of art and culture. These art galleries are also excellent medium for the young talents to showcase their expertise in the field of art and culture.

Parks and Gardens

Parks and Gardens in Firozabad are the ideal places for a day’s outing along with the entire family. These are calm places and offer people to get relaxed from the din and bustle of the daily life, while enjoying the greenery of the garden.

Shopping Malls in Firozabad

The shopping malls in Firozabad are actually the one stop shopping markets for the people, especially for the youths. These malls are often perceived to be the places for hangouts as well.

Movie Halls and Auditoriums

Last but not the least, movie halls in Firozabad is the most popular mode of entertainment for the people. Since a long time, movie halls and entertainment were more or less synonymous but with the advent of shopping malls and multiplexes the concept has become even stronger. Besides, there are number of auditoriums as well where people can watch dramas, musical concerts, theatres, dance shows etc.

List of Movie halls in Firozabad

In today’s competitive world everyone is running behind their careers. Day by day the life is becoming tougher. Everyone is so busy with their work that they deserve some sort of relaxation. Every city has their own offerings for their citizens and without any exception Firozabad also offers numerous options for the public to enjoy their lives. They have got multiple options of relaxation after office, during weekends, etc. The entertainment options in Firozabad and the options to enjoy the nightlife are remarkable. People here have lots of options for entertainment, like Firozabad has good movie halls where people can go for some leisure.

Sant Talkies in Firozabad
Close to Sadar Bazaar Road,
Firozabad HO, Firozabad - 283203
Established in 1973
Shows run on all days but on Sunday the timing is 09:30 AM to 06:30 PM
Tickets are sold from counters in Cash
Contact Number: +919319752200

Bharat Talkies in Firozabad
Near Bye Pass Road
Firozabad HO, Firozabad - 283203
Shows run from Monday to Saturday
Closed on Sunday
Established in 1990
Tickets need to be purchased in cash over the counter
Contact Number: +919837239984
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