Areas and Localities of Firozabad

Firozabad Important AreasLocated in Uttar Pradesh in India, the city of Firozabad is renowned for its amazing glass and bangle works that attract not only the locals but tourists from abroad as well. Also known as ‘Suhag Nagri’, the city generates most of its revenue from this manufacturing industry.

Important Areas of Firozabad

There are various important areas in and around Firozabad, which are famous for one reason or the other. You can visit these as places of interest or for their historical value.


It is situated 21 kms away from the district headquarter of Firozabad. It is the place where you can find a famous Jain temple, which contains the idol of Bhagwan Rishabhdeo. A South Indian Brahmin by the name of Baba Rishabhdas built the temple in the 15th century.


Firozabad borders the district of Etawah to the north. The National Chambal Gharial Wildlife sanctuary is located here and has been earmarked to protect endangered species of crocodiles, Ganges Dolphin and the red-crowned roof turtle.

Mahaveer Chowk

It is a sacred spot for members of the Jain community and has been named after Lord Mahavira, the centre of Jainism. The Shri Shuparshnath Jain Mandir is situated in this place.


It is a holy place for Jains, located 6 kms away from Firozabad. An annual fair is located in this region. The name Chandwar is ancient in origin and refers to the idol of Chandprabhu which was created during the reign of Prithviraj Chauhan.

Glass Industry Firozabad

Local glass and crystalware manufacturers and exporters like Elora Glass Industries, Crown Glass, Agarwal Glass and Chhatari Glass Industries are situated in this place. The local glass industry is ancient and has been there from olden days. You can visit the various factories to observe firsthand manufacturing of glasses articles bowls, plates, bangles, decorative lights, bulbs, etc. The glass products are sold locally and also exported to a lot of countries. The glass manufacturing units in the city and the entire district manufactures kangans, bangles and other items that are necessary for married women (suhagin). It is due to this reason that Firozabad is also known as “Suhag Nagri” literally standing for “The City of Married Women.” The glass bangles and jewelry are available in various colors, sizes and shapes and are loved by Indians and even foreigners.

Other Important Localities in Firozabad

The city of Firozabad also includes the following localities, which are important from administrative and other aspects.
  • Abbas Nagar
  • Alampur Kaneta
  • Alampura Jarkhi
  • Alinagar Kenjra
  • Allahdadpur
  • Anandipur Karkauli
  • Aquil Pur Damodarpur
  • Barkatpur
  • Basaimohammadpur
  • Basudeopur
  • Bazidpur Kutubpur
  • Bhondela
  • Bilahna
  • Datauli
  • Dhakpura
  • Donkeli
  • Gazipur
  • Ghalib Nagar
  • Gudun
  • Hamirpura
  • Hardashpur Nisfi
  • Itora
  • Jahagirpur
  • Jaindamai
  • Jalalpur
  • Jamalpur
  • Jarauli Kalan
  • Jarauli Khurd
  • Jilupura
  • Kashmiri Gate
  • Khagerai
  • Khera Ganeshpur
  • Kinharpur
  • Kolamai
  • Kurrikupa
  • Labour Colony
  • Ladupur Chakarpur
  • Lalau
  • Latura
  • Lohari
  • Madina Colony
  • Matamai
  • Matsena
  • Mondha
  • Muhammadpur Biharipur
  • Nagau
  • Naglamulla
  • Nanpi Pithani
  • Nargapur
  • Nasir Ganj
  • Paharpur
  • Pharaul Nagaria
  • Phulaichi
  • Raahi Nagar
  • Ranipur
  • Rasidpur Kaneta
  • Salempur Naglakhar
  • Saragawan
  • Saramai
  • Sengai
  • Shankarpur
  • Sheetal Khan
  • Sikahra Hardaspur
  • Sufipur
  • Ulau
  • Undani
  • Usaini
  • Usmanpur
  • Vibhab Nagar
  • Vijaypurnagla Bhavesingh
  • Wazirpur Jihalpur

These places are situated in and around the city of Firozabad and you can visit them within a short time, even within a single day. You can take inter-state buses to visit the adjoining spots. You may hire rickshaws, autos or buses that ply locally and visit the places for a small boarding fare. It is important for you to remember that winters are quite chilly in Firozabad. Naturally, it is necessary for you to take heavy woolen clothes along if you are planning to visit this city at any time between the months of October and February. The weather is otherwise sunny and clear during these months and if you are a foreigner planning to visit India, October-February is the best time.
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