Tourists Spots in Firozabad

Religious Tourist Spots in FirozabadKnown as Chandwar Nager earlier, Firozabad has been popular for its varieties of glass works. The city has got its name from the name of mansabdar, Firoz Shah, who was sent here to demolish the thugs, robbers and bandits by whom the area was inhabited at that time. Firozabad is located on the western side of Uttar Pradesh is only 40 km away from Agra. There are temples, mosques and tombs in Firozabad that still tells us the story of bygone days and take us to the journey of history and make us feel the richness of our culture and heritage.

Some of the popular tourist spots in Firozabad are:

Marsalganj Jain Temple in Firozabad

With a touch of Jainism Marsalganj Jain Temple is a must visit when you are in Firozabad. The other name for this temple is “Shri Digambar Jain Atishaya Kshetra Marsalganj”. Bhagwan Adinath is the main idol of the temple. Baba Rishabdas was the founder of the temple who was a Bramhin by birth but strictly followed Jainism throughout his life. In 15th century he arrived to Firozabad when business and trade were at their peak in this place. Idols could be seen here apart from Bhagwan Adinath are:

  • Shri Vimalsagarji
  • Mahavirkirtiji
  • Acharaya Sudharamsagarji

The most interesting thing about the temple is the stambh in front of it. This stambh is “Ahimsa Dhwaja”, a sign of non-violence.

The best time to visit the Marsalganj Jain Temple is the end and the starting of the winters. The months in which you can enjoy the most here are the February, March, October, November, and December.

How to Reach

Marsalganj Jain Temple is 22 km from the district headquarter of Firozabad and you can visit there by taking auto or cabs from the hotel you are staying.

Kalan Mosque in Firozabad

If you are on a visit to Firozabad, then Kalan Mosque is a must see tourist spot for you. This mosque is even referred as the Kali Masjid as its appearance is dark. Khan-i-Jahan Junan Shah is the builder of this mosque who worked hard from 1368 to 1387 for this mosque. The mosque was built with lots of extraordinary engineering. Citadel is the design that was chosen for the mosque so that the worshippers can be protected from any external attack. When it comes to the architecture of the mosque it has 2 tall towers near its entrance. The mosque itself is 66ft and 32 steps are to be climbed to access it. Let’s talk about the prayer hall which has fifteen domed bay. These bays are organized in three aisles and five rows. The mosque has conical towers round the corners and the entrance gateway has square dome which is 21 ft in height approximately.

How to Reach

Kalan Mosque has the Railway Station of Firozabad nearby. So you can easily hire an auto rickshaw from the railway station to reach Kalan Mosque.

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