Shri Marsalganj Digambar Jain Atishaya Teerth Kshetra

Shri Marsalganj Digambar Jain Atishaya Teerth Kshetra AddressShri Marsalganj Digambar Jain Atishaya Teerth Kshetra is well known as the temple of miracles and is dedicated to Bhagwan Rishabhdeo, where his 1000-year-old idol is worshipped as the main deity. Under the main temple, a cave is present where Baba Rishabhdas used to meditate and his foot impressions are preserved there. The temple is surrounded by a unique five gateway boundary that draws attention.

Shri Digambar Jain Atishaya Kshetra is located in Marsalganj in Firozabad district in Uttar Pradesh. It is popularly called as Atishaya Kshetra which means a place where miracles happen. Presently the temple management is looked after by Shri Marsalganj Diagambar Jain Atishaya Teerth Kshetra Committee, Rishabh Nagar. This Teerth is very close to cities such as Fariha, Agra, Mainpuri, Etah, etc.

History of Digambar Jain Temple

In the fifteenth century, a saint named Baba Rishabhdas, a master in Tantra but an ardent follower of Jainism arrived in Marsalganj and by his inspiration, a huge and beautiful Jain temple was established here and an ancient Idol of Bhagwan Rishabhdeo was installed as the main deity to be worshipped. According to local belief, saint Rishabhdas had miracle powers which drew many devotees to the temple. It is also said that the saint never accepted donations for the temple, however, paid for all temple expenses every evening by drawing just the actual amount from where he sat. His tantric powers and knowledge were so great that people from far and wide flocked to the temple to fulfill their wishes and get relief from worldly miseries and eventually the temple became famous as the place of miracles or Atishaya Kshetra.

Attractions of Shri Marsalganj Diagambar Jain Atishaya Teerth Kshetra

  • A cave used by Baba Rishabhdas for meditation and Baba’s foot images are present under the ancient temple.
  • Magnificient temple architecture with tall beautiful spires.
  • Two separate altars with Bhagwan Shantinath’s and Bhagwan Neminath’s idols are established as the main deities.
  • A boundary wall with five gateways called the Daulat Dwar, Rishabh Dwar, Manik Dwar, Abhaya Dwar, and Vijay Dwar are constructed.
  • A majestic Ahimsa Stambha present in the middle of Melaground.
  • Temple with a nine feet tall Bhagwan Rishabdev’s idol is established.
  • Other idols of Bhagwan Bahubali, Bhagwan Parshvanath, Acharya Sudharma Sagarji, Mahaveer Kirtiji, Vimal Sagarji are worth visiting.
  • Bhagwan Rishabhdev Jayanti celebrated on Chaitra Shukla
  • Bhagwan Rishabhdev Nirvana Mahotsav celebrated on Magha Shukla.
  • Two other beautiful Jain temples located near Fariha are worth visiting.

Facilities at Digambar Jain Temple

  • The temple runs a Dharamsala with ten rooms.
  • Mess facilities available with utility items like tent, bed, utensils etc.
  • Another Dharamsala available in Fariha.

How to Reach
Fariha is the nearest town and bus services are available to Fariha from Agra, Mainpuri and Firozabad. Agra is located at the crossroad of National Highways 2,3 and 11 and hence is very well connected to many major cities of the country. Agra has four railway stations such as Agra Cantonment, Agra Fort, Idgah Agra Junction and Agra Fort which all have train services to all the major cities across India. The Agra Kheria airport is just about twenty one kilometers away from the main city.

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